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Why HES students love TheDegreeTracker

Chart your degree from start to finish.

Plan out every course you intend to take, down to the semester, day, and hour.  Explore alternate ways that degree requirements could be fulfilled.  See what your future GPA will be under various conditions that you create.  Maximize the kinds of courses that you want to take.  Graduate on time with no unpleasant surprises.
Search course reviews to learn what you really want to know about the courses that interest you.  Review your courses with our unique criteria to help other students.  Network with other students who have left reviews previously.  Our course review criteria was invented by multiple Harvard Extension School students who told us what they wanted to know about HES courses.
Keep track of every single degree requirement with our user-friendly interface.  Earn a badge every time you fulfill an HES requirement.  See how you are progressing towards a field of study, one minor or even two, or a certificate in addition to your degree.
Store it all in the cloud in an organized fashion that's easy to work with.  Access your HES plans anywhere with TheDegreeTracker's mobile-friendly design.  The data you enter gets backed up every hour in our system, hosted by an industry leader.

Enjoy a free 1‑week trial.